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Give it a try - works - thanks for the update

I used this app 7+ years ago when it first came out. I am glad you updated it and brought it back. One of if not the only apps that has this capability. Nicely done again. I did like the ability in the previous version to plant the text anywhere on the screen, but this gets it done for 99 cents. I have an issue on my iPad mini trying to use a personal photo but I am sure you will resolve. Great work again! Thx.

Close, but no...

Been searching for a way to display Reward If Found info on my iPhone for several years and have tried different products. This one seemed to have all the requirements, however, it lacks a few features that would make it 5-stars. My chief complaint is that I cannot format the text which would separate it from the background well enough to make it easier for a good samaritan to act immediately to return my phone. The text is very small and very thin and doesn’t seem to be very bright - It’s hard to read. I attempted to create a Larger, Bold, Colored message elsewhere and paste it into the text box, but it will not accept larger-bolder-colored text. I would rate it a “it’s better than nothing."


I don't get it?? Why would I want my personal info on the homes teen of my very expensive Iphone???


After twenty minutes of frustration I deleted it.

Great Idea, bad execution

If you do not pay to remove the banner, it is useless. They put the banner right where the time is shown. Also, if you want to use your own background photo, forget it. It is enlarged so much it distorts the original photo beyond use. I do believe both of these tactics are deliberate to make you purchase and only use their supplied backgrounds. If you want to create and add text to any lock screen wallpaper, use an app like Pimp Your Screen.

W.B. Robbins

This is an excellent application. If you want your name and contact information on your lock or home screen this is a must have app. It is professionally crafted and easy to navigate through. To install your new wallpaper be sure to go to your camera roll and select the saved image then tap the photo out icon then tap the use as wallpaper icon and proceed from there. The customer support for this app is superb, prompt and courteous. As far as the in-app purchase to remove the banner, developers have to have a way to gain some revenue from their time and labors and ongoing support they must attend to. If 1 dollar is to high a price then I suggest getting a slightly better job. In any case this is a great app and a must have.

Rip off, do not buy!!!

Even after paying the in app purchase, in an effort to use my own background picture, this app still doesn't work. I got a lousy half picture in my photos that is totally unusable. Better to take your own selfie holding a paper with you contact info. '-D

Useless without in app purchase!

The developer's large banner is in the middle of the screen making this app useless unless you pay to remove the banner. I will permanently remove this app! Good idea though.


Very useful

Can be better

Great idea. Works perfect. Following future improvements would be great: 1) text should be sharp (currently blury) 2) choice of card background colors. 3) choice of fonts.

Works fine

App let's you design a picture with text that can be saved and used via settings command to be displayed as the lock or home screen. Handy way to personally Id your iPod in case it is lost.

Great start. Helpful

Love the basic concept. Makes great lock screen. Need to fix the ability to adjust wallpaper. Text info I inserted on final lock screen bit blurry. Like to see sharper text. Great start.

Fantastic! Just what the Doctor Ordered!

This is one of those apps where you say "Now why didn't I think of that?" It works perfectly, is easy to configure, and should't be thought of as 'only for iPhone's but rather for ALSO iPads! Although (well I'd hope so anyway) that it might be more difficult to lose/misplace (forget where you put it) an iPad, the very idea that if/when just such an event happens that you'll be prepared for it by having your contact info (presented to the finder via) on your 'lock-screen' is a life saver! This makes it so easy for the finder to be able to locate/contact you in order to be able to return it back to you! I am personally very thankful to the app developer for this! 

Very useful!

It's a very good idea. When someone picks up your phone and wants to return to you. how do they contact you when your phone is locked???


This app is terrible. Don't waste your money on this crap

A must have app! I love it!

Absolutely what I was looking for! Works perfectly and provides an attractive means to display return information on your lockscreeen should you misplace your iPhone. This kind of functionality should have been included by Apple. Well done!

Real fun

Not bad at all. You this right quality wallpaper or background this is a very nice app. My only wish would be to create longer sentences but still it's fine


It's dumb don't get this app


I'm using this app when I go on vacation in 10 days. Hopefully, if I lose it, someone responsible will return it. Thank you for this security program!


This is perfectt for when I loose my iPod!

Super easy

It works. It does exactly what I says it does. Protect your phone. Excellent

Great APP!!!

Helpful and offers a sense of tranquality knowing that if and when you ever lose your phone/iPod you will be contacted.

Can't move pics

After resizing a picture, it can't be moved up or down. Useless.


Wish there is 0! As I said bad.

Not bad at all

I'm guessing that version 1 had some problems based on all of the 1-star ratings. Version 2 worked fine for me. It's a very simple app that creates a wallpaper of your contact information and overlays it on top of either a stock image included with the app or one from your Photo Roll. My main criticism is that there's way too much whitespace if you don't use an avatar on the business card. Also, would like to see a bit more customization in terms of fonts and alignment. But it's a handy app, especially if you lock your phone with a passcode. Tip: Use it to list your In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact on the lock screen.


This app is poop


Thiz app is G'd UP

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